Hang in there!

A couple of quotes to set the tone, dear reader. "Most writers are in a state of gloom a good deal of the time; they need perpetual reassurance," wrote John Hall Wheelock. And John Irving, with whom I once had a conversation while sampling cheese at a party in Iowa City, wrote:  "It's my experience that very few writers, young or old, are really seeking advice when they give out their work to be read. They want support; they want some to say, 'Good job.'"

Both observations are true. I have come out of a dark period of discouragement recently as a result of a couple of new fans buying my books, and basically that "Good job" from my book concierge. That's really a good bit to be encouraged about.

Sharing frustrations in the writing business with other frustrated authorities can be therapeutic. I was conversing recently with an outstanding writer of three published and well-received mysteries. I told her I was searching for an agent, and she surprised me by saying she was, too. She went on to say she had 40 queries out to agents hoping to find representation. I'm in the same process, and I have to say that misery does love company. Are you a writer? Hang in there!