Empty That Bucket

We all know about the concept of "bucket list." That is a list of things we would like to see, experience, and/or enjoy that we have yet to accomplish. I've never had a list, having done just about everything I wanted to do, but I would like to see The Great Wall of China and whether or not they have "facilities" along the way.

What I do have is a "reverse" bucket list of things I will never do if at all possible. One of those is to willingly go into a Hobby Lobby store. That is not to say I've never been in one. I have, but only out of love for my long-suffering wife when she was shopping for that one teal bead necessary to replace one lost on some piece of jewelry. I will NEVER, on my own, while driving around say to myself, "Oh, John you simply must peak into that Hobby Lobby store over there and see what they have." That is not going to happen.

I have other reverse bucket list items that I will share with you in the future. One at a time is plenty.