"Move over, Jack Reacher!"

My beloved, late mother-in-law once said, "He who tooteth not his own horn shall forever live in a state of untootedness."So please forgive me if I toot my own horn, ever so briefly. Recently I wrote about being discouraged and thinking I had hit the wall and had nothing else to say. What I didn't say is that I didn't know if my third Thomas O'Shea novel was any good. I'd lost perspective. Great enthusiasm for the first two, not so much for #3. Anyway, in the process of asking for blurbs to help promote #3, I had the temerity to ask one of my favorite writers, William Kent Kreuger, for a blurb. He agreed, which surprised me. And then he came through.

Another surprise. He LIKED it! And he wrote a lengthy note of praise and a lengthy blurb of some more, which I will use. He said, "Move over, Jack Reacher!" And lots more.

I cannot tell you what an encouragement Kent Krueger has been to me. Bottom line? Keep encouraging one another. It can go a long way.

William Kent Krueger.jpg