Morrell Mantra

I have begun a new novel, not O'Shea, but a stand-alone about a quiet man who just wants to be left alone. Of course, that isn't going to happen. Not a spoiler alert there because if nothing happens, there's no story. Unless I am Samel Beckett. And I'm not.

I have taped to my computer screen this note to guide me in this specific work. "What am I trying to do?" and "How do I do it?" and "Does it work?" I learned these from David Morrell, now a best-seller writer of thriller novels, but also my former American Lit prof at the U of Iowa. I have applied this to my novel, and it is helpful. If I consciously answer these questions as I write along, it will be good. Wish I had thought of it sooner. It's keeping me on track.

The other part of the note taped up is this " - make it beautiful - " That is forcing me to dig deeper than I have before. I like it. It's me keeping me accountable and makes me work harder Which I need.

Feel free to use this if it helps. That is all.