Wire your trap shut

Chuck Wendig is a blogger and a writer of some repute. His 2015 Star Wars novel, Aftermath, opened #4 on the NYT bestseller list. Anyway, he knows of what he speaks, and it seems to me that this kind of encouragement is what we wall need as writers. Read on!

“As a writer, the world you create is yours and yours alone. Someone will always be there to tell you what you can’t do, but they’re nearly always wrong. You’re a writer. You can make anything up that you want. It may not be lucrative. It may not pay your mortgage. But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about what’s going on between you and the blank page before you. It’s just you and the story. If you love it and you want to write it, then wire your trap shut and write it. And write it well. Expect nothing beyond this — expect no reward, expect no victory parade — but embrace the satisfaction it gives you to do your thing.”

Sometimes, well, often, our expectations for our work get in the way of our work. Sound familiar? Now, read Wendig's quote again, and be encouraged.