Not Hip Enough


Recently my long-suffering (LSW) wife and I decided to grab lunch at a highly-recommended local establishment that combined a grocery store that sold only good things for your body and a restaurant that offered the opportunity to eat some of it.

It is one of those earnestly-trendy establishments that have sprouted up across the land. You know the kind - take some dilapidated old structure and spiff it up in the interests of being earthy and open a bidness. That could be the grocery/restaurant we visited, or a pub, or a place that sells bicycles and kayaks.

Intrigued, we took in the place. Please note that most of these places sell products made from goats. Also please note that food made from goats always has a chipper adjective describing it. I'm thinking "Happy Goat," and "Groovy Goat" and "Simpatico Goat." Also, everything it sold was organic, natural, and free range. Let's call the enterprise "The Winsome Walnut" (not the real name).

We should have ridden bicycles instead of our internal-combustion monstrosity. Anyway, we stepped around the bike racks and went inside, first checking out the grocery part of the place where everything cost a fortune (that walnut was five bucks), and then taking a seat in the restaurant part of the building. LSW ordered a salad. I ordered a roast beef sandwich. Together, I could have used what we paid to take care of our pickup truck insurance for six months. After a considerable wait, our food was delivered, and let me tell you, I have yet to find the beef in my roast beef sandwich. 

We ate, left a tip (also overpriced), and departed. We will not be back.