The Right Reverend Dorothy Parker

This week's quote comes from that rascal, Dorothy Parker, who wrote, "I hate writing, I love having written." I say, "Preach it sister-woman!" I am in the same boat, although I must admit sometime I enjoy writing. Not lately, though, with several particularly disappointing rejections from agents seeking new clients. Yuk. I do love having written, though, and that includes articles, poems, short stories, and several novels (most of which will never be published). So there is comfort in having done it, and with enjoyment. For now? I'm at an impasse after 19 chapters in my Thomas O'Shea novel #4. I have written myself into a corner and don't see any way out. Maybe I'll follow the lead of literary genius Ron Rash, who told me once that he deleted many, many pages of a new novel (it might have been 100 pages, but I'm not certain about that number) because he didn't like it and was stuck and needed to start over. Which he did. Or, in my case, I might just love having written and accept it.