Therapy or Distraction


One of the biggest problems I have as a writer is distractions. Apparently, I'm not the only one. All writers suffer from the same malady, with a wide variety of reasons not to write. I don't know theirs, but here are some of mine, just to commiserate with those of you who are also distracted from putting words down, one at a time.

Lily, our rescue pitbull/terrier mix, is playful, and she needs someone to be playful with her. So, from time to time, she brings me her tennis ball and dumps it in my lap while I'm writing, then steps back and looks at me with eager anticipation. I can't resist. Who could? And, of course, there's the internet. I try to keep up with my Iowa Hawkeyes, Boston Red Sox, and old friends. That takes time, and it is enjoyable, but it's a distraction. The fact that it's easy to access makes it even worse. So I try to run through my "favorites" before I start writing. Another distraction:  "healthful" snacks calling my name from the kitchen.

But the worst distraction is an email from some agent or publisher rejecting my work. That truly sets me back a bit and sends me heading for the kitchen looking for some comfort food. That's not a distraction, though. That's therapy.