Porsche vs. Porsche-Panamera

Even though fiction writers can just "make it up," we need to pay attention to details. And that's called "research." If a character is driving a snazzy Porsche, be specific and look it up. Then write about the person's 2016 Panamera E-Hybrid Sport Turismo, red, with 333 horsepower, selling, used, for around $93,000. That not only adds to one's credibility as a writer, but, in my case, douses any thoughts I might have had about owning one. 

Details are important. Facts are important. Not only that, but it's fun to learn about "stuff" that I wouldn't otherwise know anything about. In my case I've learned about different kinds of firearms, Navy SEALS training, and that pythons can put a pretty nasty bite on a person, in addition to crushing them to death.

As a male writer, when I write about women characters and what they wear, I need help. Trust me on this one. My long-suffering wife and my book concierge are always my "go to" people on anything questionable about fashion. I mean, if the female character is riding a horse and wearing jeans and a t-shirt, that's one thing I can manage. Or if she's not wearing anything. Otherwise, I go to Lisa and/or Rowe for expert and free advice. 

Do your research if you want to add another layer of expertise to your writing. You'll be glad you did.