Shouty, Showy, and Serious

It is hard to tell just by looking at me, but I actually enjoy working out; that is, lifting weights. I enjoy thinking about working out almost as much, but that's another story. I've trained (if you can call it that) in a wide variety of gyms all over the place, and the best ones have tons of free weights, racks of dumbbells up to 150 pounds each, and good machines that work. One of the best gyms ever is Unique Fitness in Newberry, South Carolina. Currently I work out in a gym closer to home, but it doesn't matter where I go, the same male "types" show up.

There's the grunter/shouter who makes loud noises whenever he's lifting weights, and who slams the weights down on the floor when he's finished his reps. He does this to attract attention to himself. His grunts and shouts and deep breathing seem to increase when attractive females are in the vicinity. He lives in front of the mirror. Another type is the "preener" who wears flashy gym clothes and shoes that all match and are useful in hiding his soft physique. He may not have a fit, muscular body, but he always looks fashionable. Finally, there is the serious lifter who quietly goes about his exercises, puts weights back where they belong, and defers to other lifters who may be trying to use the same piece of equipment. These types usually wear loose clothing that mutes their size and downplays their muscularity.

I am none of these. I tend to slink around the dumbbell rack and leg machines, sneaking in a couple of sets when no one is looking so they can't see how light the weights are, I rest a lot between sets. I avoid eye contact. I eschew the mirror. I go home, quietly.