Impulsive Decisions

I was in one of "those" dollar stores the other day, along with my long-suffering wife, purchasing a few items for an Art Camp our church is providing for kids in the church's neighborhood. As we moseyed around crayons and sparkles, we passed by an open door leading to a storage room. Merchandise was grouped according to what was stored where. One sign read "FOOD" and had a picture of a bag of chips, another read "SCHOOL" with a picture of pads and pens. The sign that drew my attention was "IMPULSE" with a picture of a cash register. That struck me as very, very smart.

I am NOT an impulse buyer, other than an occasional Snickers, pair of $2 reading glasses, or flag decal. Or maybe a pack of tissues for the car, or sometimes Chapstick or a breath mint. Maybe an essential oil. But those suckers who can't control themselves? That symbol of the cash register should be a warning, and I'm passing that along for the greater good.