Animal Lovers of All Kinds

Walking our vicious pit bull/terrier mix down the road recently and came upon a lady checking her mail. Her home is up a twisty driveway through lots of trees that obscure the house. Anyway, she looked up and said nice things about Lily, and asked if she could pet the attack creature. I gave the okay and this lady squatted down and stroked and spoke sweetly to Lil, who wagged and wiggled. The woman said she loved animals and that, in fact, she was a professional "equine masseuse." I asked, "You massage horses for a living?" and she replied, "Not for a living, but for a passion. I may be small (she was tiny), but I have very strong hands," which ruled out shaking hands should she offer. An equine masseuse in the neighborhood. Who knew? But I'm glad we met. Had not seen her before or since. A pleasant interlude on a spring walk.

Equine Massage.jpg