Honey Don't

We live down a quiet little private lane along with two other residents. We're in the middle. The last one is inhabited by a charming young couple enjoying each other's company without the benefit of marriage. He is a gardener, and very pleasant. He has those attributes in common with my long-suffering wife. Recently he said he was going to have bees and make honey. That was fine, but my wife reminded him that we occasionally have a 300-pound black bear that likes to hang out in our 'hood, and that honey is rumored to attract bears from multiple counties. He said, "That's okay, I'm going to put netting over the bee hives." I'm guessing the netting will not be a deterrent to a big bear intent on satisfying his or her sweet tooth. Henceforth, I shall be vigorously alert for ursine interlopers.

Bear and beehive.jpg