You want a radio with that?

A few days ago my long-suffering wife and I motored to the local supermarket to buy two cans of beans needed to complete her chili recipe, which would be competing with other people's chili recipes at a church event the next day. It was after dark and quiet, with few cars in the supermarket's parking lot. I parked near a car I could not identify. We got out and took a look. It was, frankly, beautiful. A work of art in design, color, and interior appointments. I did not recognize it.


Walking around to the rear of the vehicle, I saw that it was a Mclaren, a make I had never heard of; sleek and fast, low-slung, and powerful. I said, "I'll bet that car cost a hundred thousand bucks." And then we went inside. It was still there when we came out, and we admired it some more, and then drove home. And researched the Mclaren. It cost two hundred thousand bucks, more if the buyer wanted an AM radio included.

It had 560 horsepower, top speed of 207 mph. From zero to 60 mph took 3.0 seconds; from zero to 124 mph all of 8.4 seconds.

I thought about it, worked some numbers,and decided we could make a down payment. But then we'd have to live in the car and I'd have to make a "Will Work For Food" sign and hang around busy intersections.

The chili tasted great.