Friday Reads

I was at a book launch for outstanding noir mystery writer, David Burnsworth, last night. His new book, In It For The Money continues his string of brilliant novels set in the Charleston area. We're friends and members of the same critique group, and we were chatting and I told him I'd written three chapters in my fourth novel in the Thomas O'Shea series the last two days. He was delighted. Me, too. And that's how it is with writers who support each other. As the old refrain goes, 'Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.' After a few days of stones, the diamonds finally came through, or at least I hope they prove to be diamonds instead of zircons once I get the polished.


So, today I am going to do something different in my blog and recommend novels by people I know, and who have encouraged me. Every one is excellent. Any of prize-winning Susan Boyer's Liz Talbot Mysteries is well worth reading, likewise anything Wendy Tyson writes in her two series of mysteries set in Pennsylvania, Greenhouse Mysteries and Allison Campbell Mysteries. I just finished reading two suspense novels by my friend in New Mexico, best-selling author Joe Badal. I especially recommend The Motive, set in Hawaii. Brilliant, tight, and a true page-turner. And Joe's Dark Angel, a police mystery, redefines 'page turner.' Local prize-winning author Bob Strother's first two books in his new historical trilogy, Burning Time and A Fire to be Kindled, are smooth, polished, and terrific storiesBob is a prize-winner, too. Also, I recommend Warren Moore's novel, Broken Glass Waltzes for a look at the dark, gritty side of the music world in Cincinnati. Warren's work also appears in the prize-winning anthology, In Sunlight and in Shadow, along with Joyce Carol Oates, Lee Child, Stephen King, and other luminaries. 

That's it! Buy these books and enjoy. And please know that all of these fine writers have worked hard to become the talented writers they are today. Stephen King once said that the two keys to becoming a good writer are to read and write. I can help you read, given these recommendations. Now it's up to you to write. Good luck!