I know I say we writers need to have thick skin and perspective and so forth. I usually do, but not recently. A top publisher in NY wanted a query letter and 50 pages, hard copy, to initiate contact. I did so. Then I got a handwritten note from the publisher asking for the entire novel Breathing Empty Air in hard copy. This was encouraging, I must admit. So I made a copy and shipped it off, trying to not think about my chances. Two months later, the dreaded email shows up - no go.

So, there I was, struggling a bit to enjoy my thick skin which seemed to have deserted me. Major disappointment. I didn't write for a couple of weeks and, when I did, there wasn't much fire in the belly for the next book I'm writing. However, I did find some small comfort knowing that writing geniuses got dumped, also, for far greater novels than any of mine. Please click here to feel better.

Hope springs eternal in the rejected writer's breast. Just don't give up, friends, don't give up.