I Don't Wanna!

So, dear writing people, what do you do when you just simply, flat out, do not want to write? Feel guilty? Me, too. I don't have much advice to offer when the "dry well" syndrome strikes, but I can share what I'm going through and that might be useful, or even a comfort for you and your situation. Recently I completed a 343-page "literary" novel. It was hard work, but I loved working on it and sharing it with my critique group and my book concierge/editor, as well as editing on my own. It was as good as I could make it. And I am proud of it.

Then I began researching agents/publishers to see who might be interested and appropriate, and then I sent out 25 or so packages individualized to those places' requirements. Very time consuming. Now I am in the waiting room and I don't feel like writing anything, except this short blog. Is there something wrong with me? I mean, besides the obvious. I don't think so.

What I am doing now is casting about in my dim mind other ideas for another novel. So far, nothing. I have been productive in eating and eating some more. Comfort food. I am resigned to failure. I am prepared for a steady stream of rejections. But, no matter what, ice cream is reliable, and so is pizza. And wine. I have gotten fat physically and gaunt intellectually..

Does this help? I don't think so. But stay tuned, I'll let you know when I come out of it.