Setting Records

When I was a freshman in college in Santa Ana, California, I had an older next-door neighbor, Jose. He was a nice man, but every time I asked him, "How are you this morning, Jose?" he would go on and on about his aches, pains, medications, and symptoms of dire diseases. After a while I stopped asking him the question.

I do not want to be like that as I slowly become an "older" guy. On the other hand, just a few days ago I came home from the hospital after going from cardiac care ICU to discharge in three days, a new record. The only other time I was admitted to a hospital was a long, long time ago when I had pneumonia in the Philippines.

To ignore the rich and colorful experiences to be mined from this mother lode of material would be malpractice for me as a writer. So brace yourselves for a couple-three blogs about the fun I had setting exit records from the monolithic Greenville Memorial Hospital System. In other words, more later.