Writing Group Pt. 1: South Carolina Writers Association

I promised you, dear reader, that I would post information about the two writers groups to which I belong. This one is under the auspices of the South Carolina Writers Association, an outstanding organization with chapters all over the state. We meet the second and fourth Monday evening each month, from 6:30 to 8:45. The meeting takes place in a classroom at an Earth Fare supermarket, that allows us free usage of the room. There are anywhere from 12-18 people showing up, and not always the same individuals. We have poets, novelists, short story writers, bloggers and so forth. Published and unpublished.

As we show up, we sign up and note whether we have pages to share or not. There is a five page limit, so that is something to consider for novelists if you're looking for a total review of your work. It might take months. On the other hand, what's the hurry? Each person reads their work within a time limit, determined by how many readers we have. Then we go around the table and critique constructively. Afterwards, some of us go to a nearby restaurant/pub for dinner.

I recommend this kind of workshop and hope that the equivalent is available near you. The local public library usually has information about writers groups, so you might check with them, or just ask someone you know who is a writer, the wretched soul. They might know of other opportunities for critique and fellowship.

Next week I'll write a little bit about the writers group that takes place in our home - The Write Minds. Until then, write something!