Flag Fight

I watch a lot of college football and I love it. But after this week's games, I have had enough of the on-field officials' obsessive need for attention. Too many penalty flags and too many reviews clog up the pace of the game. I am not merely complaining because I have a solution. This:  Officials will be allowed two penalty flags thrown per game. And they get a $1,000 bonus if they don't throw either one. This would force them to avoid picky calls that slow down the game and prove nothing. Let the players play football.

If an official throws a flag and it is challenged and the on-field call is reversed, the official's other flag is taken away or; if they have already tossed it, one flag will be taken away from them in the next game they officiate.

Realizing some refining might be needed in test games before implementing nationwide, I still think it's worth a try. That is all.