Some Assembly Required


I am terrible with tools and things mechanical. I can change a tire, but that's it. Oh, and I can change a lightbulb, if I have directions and pictures and wait until it's cooled off. So, when Lisa, my Long Suffering Wife (LSW), decided that a Kitchen Cart (item 88 9100 002C) would be the perfect thing for our kitchen, I was all for it. So she ordered one online. 

I found out later that it required assembly. 

On the bright side, my LSW is good with tools and instructions and seeing how things go together and work. I mean, she was a physics major in college. Really.

The thing had 2,437 parts and a note that read:  "Tools required for assembly:  Phillips screwdriver." Panic set in. I don't even know anyone named Phillip, so how could we proceed? Lisa patiently explained the note to me and we moved forward. (I later added to the "Tools required for assembly" note a hammer, sledge hammer, power drill, and machete.)

We decided there was plenty of time before Thanksgiving, and so set modest daily goals, a good idea that promoted my mental health. After finishing Step 1, I was ready for a break, so we called it a day and I retired to my recliner. There were 123 steps, which meant, at that rate, we might finish up just before The Second Coming.

Nevertheless, the Kitchen Cart is now finished and being put to good use. We're still married, a good thing, and I am eternally grateful that the Kitchen Cart (item 88 9100 002C) did not require batteries.