Procrastination Prevents Plotting, Promotes Productivity

Yard Work.jpeg

My spiritual gift is procrastination. Also, sarcasm and judgementalism. But let's talk about procrastination. I am good at it, and I find lots of ways to employ it rather than sitting down and writing. Yesterday, I used yard work as a reason for not writing. Does that mean that yesterday I'd rather have mowed and trimmed everything than write? I won't answer that.

The core issue, really, isn't procrastination. In my case, it's that "corrosive self-doubt" that James Lee Burke talks about. So I produce reasons why I'm not writing on any given day. I need to go to the gym, play with my dog, run errands (post office, two items at the supermarket), and take care of correspondence with people I care about. Oh, and Facebook.

I don't have any advice for you writers out there except this:  just admit that you're afraid and insecure. Also, and this is important, don't go it alone. By that I mean get involved with a supportive, understanding, and effective writing group that will buoy you up when you're down, provide useful feedback and legitimate praise, and a sense of humor. And pretty soon you'll be out of the doldrums because you'll be helping them, and not focused on yourself.